Pot and Tube Furnaces

Model AL Pot Furnace

The Model AL Pot Furnace is the "workhorse" of the family, offering powerful electrical heat for industrial applications. Tools and parts heat quickly in the liquid bath, allowing this small furnace to deliver an unexpectedly high rate of productivity.  Learn More.

Model AVTube Furnace

The Model AV Tube Furnace  features a low-cost, high-efficiency design, incorporating all the desirable advantages of more costly, high-temperature single-tube laboratory units.  Learn More.


Sentry Pot and Tube Furnaces get the job done.

In addition to being built to last, these versatile furnaces are equipped to take on a wide range of industrial and laboratory tasks. You'll appreciate the clean, safe, quiet operation, as well as the uniformly reliable heating, day after day. And when you consider the level of performance in relation to the pricetag, you'll find these furnaces deliver value that is "high-temperature" indeed.


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